Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Its just the name which contains bitter in it. The movie doesn't have a single bitter frame. Two pair of lovers are shown in the movie. The movie has two scenes, each for one pair. Both pair have a common scene but meant to say two complete different things. One is about to end and the another getting more stronger. Both the bitter one and the sweet one was shot poetically. It was not like a short film but like a slice of a feature film. The characters were well etched by the artists and each reaction from them have got some meaning in it. The music was in sync with the movie. The visual effects should be given a special note as it was too good. It is not a wonder that it has won so many awards.

Verdict : Lovely :-)

Friday, 22 February 2013

Hello everyone!
I love watching short movies which is like T-20, every ball, I mean every second counts. While watching those movies I suddenly came up with the idea of gathering all into one place. And it is purely possible as I don't do much with my free time. I'll update this blog with at least one short movie a day.

And the first movie is "Portal: No escape" (I guess this will be the first result when you search in Youtube for short films)

The movie starts with a women who doesn't know where she is and even whom she is. In the course she finds an portal gun inside the room. For those who doesn't know what a portal gun is it is an imaginary gun introduced in the portal game series. When you shoot using this gun at two places two respective holes will be formed in those places. Once you enter the first hole you will come out through the second hole. She uses this gun to escape out of that place, which was shot on par to the game's thrill. And then comes the end with an unexpected twist. On the whole the movie is worth spending some minutes.

P.S: Err is human's nature and so is mine. If you find any such mistakes pardon me and I assure you it ll be less in the course of time.