Sunday, 17 March 2013


The title of Sujatha sir's novel is here completely used for different purpose but for a good one. The story is about a uneducated Tamil barber who wants his child to be well versed in English. Actually, making him speak English is his lifetime desire. So, he takes his child to Chennai and tries to join him in a matriculation school there. Meanwhile, there they meet a madman on roadside to whom the kid got attached. Does the father succeeds joining him into the school and what happens to the relation between the kid and the mad forms the end of the story. It may sound like a story of a feature film but fits exactly into its time and doesn't bore us for even a second.

Wow! what a movie it is. It may not say anything new. But the perfection you see everywhere in the movie makes it great. Especially the kid who played that prominent role - too cute, adorable etc., etc., . Be it the part where he annoyingly questions his father or the one where he plays with the madman, he had done it excellently. Great future lies ahead for the kid. Screenplay is good as it don't have any gimmick scene but every scene and dialogue takes the story forward. Every other artists had also done a descent job which we cannot expect from all short movies.

Verdict : Fills the perfection meter.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Desk (Inbox)

The desk - Today, I have really a cute short movie to share with. Its all about a conversation between two strangers.Not an ordinary conversation but a magic one. A college boy scribbles his name on a desk and finds it replying his scribbles. He being surprised continue the conversation daily. One day his classroom changes and he was left with unknown answer of who was that one replying. Though he finds out who was that it doesn't satisfy the viewers(especially me) about the way he finds out the mysterious one.

Inbox - We are very well known for pirating the plots of movies and it happened here too. 'The Desk' was also copied as Inbox in Tamil. Thank god they didn't spoil the plot. And this too makes a one time watch.

Verdict : Should not be missed

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mittai veedu (Candy home)

The movie is as sweet as the name, 'Mittai veedu (Candy home). It has two veteran actors as its pillar to support the movie. I don't exactly know their name but they had been a good actors and a prominent figure for tamil movie audience. They play the father and mother of  the hero who is a hero in some feature films now. He takes his girlfriend to meet their parents and on the way he explains about his mother, father and his family. Meanwhile the girlfriend is also worried that whether they'll like her or not. And finally they meet their parents where we are shown that her mother is also worried whether she, her son's girlfriend, like her or not. And we may wonder why the mother too worries, but there IS the director's touch as he says a valid reason for that. Not only there the whole movie is laced with such moments and the new ideas they came up with, for the scenes are way too lovely.
Verdict : Perfect candy! 


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Last train

Hi everyone,

I took a leave yesterday. And here I'm back with a wonderful movie. It has nothing new in it and conveys just a small message. But it stands as a example for how a short movie should be. Excellent in all aspect. It says how a message can be, in fact, how to be expressed. They have a bit of humor in it, a thrill, a twist and a climax. The camera, the edits, BGM etc.,

Verdict : An example

Friday, 8 March 2013



A short film involving kids. The story seems over dramatic and unnatural(two boys trying to impress a girl) but not fails to make us smile. The editing, dubbing and picturisation are not up to the mark. Though it impresses only because of the children in it. Comparing to the elders in the movie the kids had done a great job.

Controversy, found in the comments :
When I was going through the comments of this film on youtube some people showed their objection in that. But I don't find anything wrong in this as it is purely for entertainment and we are not going to showcase it for the children's education. And we people enjoyed and laughed when it was made as a feature film, 'Pasanga'. May be then too this people might have had those objection in their mind, who knows.

On the whole i loved the movie and its end.

Verdict : Mini Pasanga

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Aravind 100% Anjana 100+2%

Ok, the movie don't have any story all through. The ending unfolds the meaning of the scenes shown before. Let me say the story as little as possible cause you've to watch it and have that smile on your face which I had during the end. A boy, after taking an advice from a girl , moves to meet another girl for a coffee. There he shares his cute memories of his love and the way it ended. So, who is the boy? Who is that one giving advice? Why does he meet that another girl? And all the remaining forms the gist of the movie. Overall movie passes our criteria to be added in our 'park' like editing, music etc., Cinematography was picture perfect. The dream song was picturised beautifully. And the cute girl whom i mentioned in 'thimirukku maru peyar neethane' also appears the movie which made some wave in my mind :P And,

Verdict :Aravind 100% Anjana 100+2% Movie 90% 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Status updated

Today, when i was browsing to update the blog, I came across two movies. One is too bad and i didn't add it as i don't want to add not so good short films to our 'park'. The another one made a way to end my day nicely. The movie is so simple. Its about a guy who is searching for a bride. The guy who played the role of searching for bride fits to a T - a nerdy, an innocent .The camera works are nice and it will stand in the first group if you make the order of nice short movies. The song played on the background which sounds like eighties-one gives a funny touch to the movie. And the punch of the movie is 'So, any girl friend?'. The story might be about a  looser but the movie is a real winner in all aspects.

Verdict : haha - Appu, appu mama says 'when i see you marry'  :-P

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How English sounds to non-English speakers

Well, I'm already tired but i didn't want to skip another day and encourage myself to procrastinate. Concerning my energy level i chose to add a literally a very short movie to our 'Park'. And the movie did some favour for me in a small way. It has no story. Yes, the story is just changing emotions with dialogues making no sense. The thing we were meant to understand from the movie is how we people hear the native English speakers when they speak their native language English  They speak non sense in a nice slang. To say the truth, at first I didn't find any difference between this movie and actual English movie cause I watch English movies with English subtitles itself, which most of us do. The actors have acted"actually memorized those meaningful dialogues" well.After all just spend five minutes over the movie, its fun.

Verdict : Funny

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Thimirukku maru peyar neethane!

The movie has nothing new in it. It has 'Kadhalil sodhappuvadhu eppadi' touch here and there like, the hero speaking to the viewers, complaining about the difficulties in a relationship. Above all it is attractive in some magical way, may be the camera works and the music. Half of the movie is filled with two songs, one at the beginning and the other at the end. But the songs are very catchy especially the one at the end that i think i would set it as my ringtone. The hard work behind the movie is clearly evident as the visuals for the songs are delight to watch. Heroine looks cute and the hero is equally stunning. Both have did a good job. Dialogues are natural and goes on the flow with the movie.Editing is crispy.And the,

Verdict is Cool..

Friday, 1 March 2013

What most schools don't teach?

"Everybody in this country should  learn how to program a computer.. because it teaches you how to think" - Steve Jobs. The movie starts off with this note.
It is an ad film more than a short film.The frank reason why I added this to the 'park' is, it is attractive and have most valued peoples giving their view on a particular thing, Computer coding and programming. It is a movie by a non-profit organization '' to promote coding. Firstly, the kids were questioned what they want to be in future and what coding is and most of them were unaware of it.And then  Mark zuckerberg, Bill gates, give their words on what coding is, why it is important, its non negligible role in future.And finally they strongly recommend every children should be taught computer programming.

Verdict : Just an ad!