Thursday, 7 March 2013

Aravind 100% Anjana 100+2%

Ok, the movie don't have any story all through. The ending unfolds the meaning of the scenes shown before. Let me say the story as little as possible cause you've to watch it and have that smile on your face which I had during the end. A boy, after taking an advice from a girl , moves to meet another girl for a coffee. There he shares his cute memories of his love and the way it ended. So, who is the boy? Who is that one giving advice? Why does he meet that another girl? And all the remaining forms the gist of the movie. Overall movie passes our criteria to be added in our 'park' like editing, music etc., Cinematography was picture perfect. The dream song was picturised beautifully. And the cute girl whom i mentioned in 'thimirukku maru peyar neethane' also appears the movie which made some wave in my mind :P And,

Verdict :Aravind 100% Anjana 100+2% Movie 90% 

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