Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How English sounds to non-English speakers

Well, I'm already tired but i didn't want to skip another day and encourage myself to procrastinate. Concerning my energy level i chose to add a literally a very short movie to our 'Park'. And the movie did some favour for me in a small way. It has no story. Yes, the story is just changing emotions with dialogues making no sense. The thing we were meant to understand from the movie is how we people hear the native English speakers when they speak their native language English  They speak non sense in a nice slang. To say the truth, at first I didn't find any difference between this movie and actual English movie cause I watch English movies with English subtitles itself, which most of us do. The actors have acted"actually memorized those meaningful dialogues" well.After all just spend five minutes over the movie, its fun.

Verdict : Funny

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