Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mittai veedu (Candy home)

The movie is as sweet as the name, 'Mittai veedu (Candy home). It has two veteran actors as its pillar to support the movie. I don't exactly know their name but they had been a good actors and a prominent figure for tamil movie audience. They play the father and mother of  the hero who is a hero in some feature films now. He takes his girlfriend to meet their parents and on the way he explains about his mother, father and his family. Meanwhile the girlfriend is also worried that whether they'll like her or not. And finally they meet their parents where we are shown that her mother is also worried whether she, her son's girlfriend, like her or not. And we may wonder why the mother too worries, but there IS the director's touch as he says a valid reason for that. Not only there the whole movie is laced with such moments and the new ideas they came up with, for the scenes are way too lovely.
Verdict : Perfect candy! 


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