Sunday, 17 March 2013


The title of Sujatha sir's novel is here completely used for different purpose but for a good one. The story is about a uneducated Tamil barber who wants his child to be well versed in English. Actually, making him speak English is his lifetime desire. So, he takes his child to Chennai and tries to join him in a matriculation school there. Meanwhile, there they meet a madman on roadside to whom the kid got attached. Does the father succeeds joining him into the school and what happens to the relation between the kid and the mad forms the end of the story. It may sound like a story of a feature film but fits exactly into its time and doesn't bore us for even a second.

Wow! what a movie it is. It may not say anything new. But the perfection you see everywhere in the movie makes it great. Especially the kid who played that prominent role - too cute, adorable etc., etc., . Be it the part where he annoyingly questions his father or the one where he plays with the madman, he had done it excellently. Great future lies ahead for the kid. Screenplay is good as it don't have any gimmick scene but every scene and dialogue takes the story forward. Every other artists had also done a descent job which we cannot expect from all short movies.

Verdict : Fills the perfection meter.

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