Sunday, 3 March 2013

Thimirukku maru peyar neethane!

The movie has nothing new in it. It has 'Kadhalil sodhappuvadhu eppadi' touch here and there like, the hero speaking to the viewers, complaining about the difficulties in a relationship. Above all it is attractive in some magical way, may be the camera works and the music. Half of the movie is filled with two songs, one at the beginning and the other at the end. But the songs are very catchy especially the one at the end that i think i would set it as my ringtone. The hard work behind the movie is clearly evident as the visuals for the songs are delight to watch. Heroine looks cute and the hero is equally stunning. Both have did a good job. Dialogues are natural and goes on the flow with the movie.Editing is crispy.And the,

Verdict is Cool..

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