Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Status updated

Today, when i was browsing to update the blog, I came across two movies. One is too bad and i didn't add it as i don't want to add not so good short films to our 'park'. The another one made a way to end my day nicely. The movie is so simple. Its about a guy who is searching for a bride. The guy who played the role of searching for bride fits to a T - a nerdy, an innocent .The camera works are nice and it will stand in the first group if you make the order of nice short movies. The song played on the background which sounds like eighties-one gives a funny touch to the movie. And the punch of the movie is 'So, any girl friend?'. The story might be about a  looser but the movie is a real winner in all aspects.

Verdict : haha - Appu, appu mama says 'when i see you marry'  :-P

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