Friday, 8 March 2013



A short film involving kids. The story seems over dramatic and unnatural(two boys trying to impress a girl) but not fails to make us smile. The editing, dubbing and picturisation are not up to the mark. Though it impresses only because of the children in it. Comparing to the elders in the movie the kids had done a great job.

Controversy, found in the comments :
When I was going through the comments of this film on youtube some people showed their objection in that. But I don't find anything wrong in this as it is purely for entertainment and we are not going to showcase it for the children's education. And we people enjoyed and laughed when it was made as a feature film, 'Pasanga'. May be then too this people might have had those objection in their mind, who knows.

On the whole i loved the movie and its end.

Verdict : Mini Pasanga

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